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Top 10 Ski Runs

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

We asked our team of experts to tell us about their favourite ski runs

When it comes to ski runs, we’re not all looking for the same thing. That long rolling blue, playful red or challenging black. What is it you look for in a favourite slope? Are you drawn to a gently rolling motorway of a slope, well-groomed and in the sunshine? Or, are you looking for that steep run which gets bumpy in the afternoons and has a bit of everything? Where ever it is you most enjoy floating your skis around, we hope our suggestions help you find it or inspire you to search out new slopes.

Steve Ricketts, BASS All Resorts

I thought I’d start us off with my 3 preferred slopes for different levels.

1. The Génépy, green run, Val D’Isere (Access via the Borsat chair lift)

Some slopes are awesome for developing a skier’s confidence, ability or both. The Génépy is one of these runs. It’s long, changes gradient often, so you never get bored, but also has long smooth sections for going faster. If you are new to the sport t’s great for improving turns without stress and learning the thrill of going fast on skis with plenty of space and time to slow down. (Caution, it is steep at the top with a track to the side to get you around this, but it closes if the avalanche risk is high)

2. Glacier, red run, Tignes (Access via the Grand Mott cable car)

This exhilarating red is at its best on a sunny day. The views from the top of the Grand Mott cable car are stunning and the snow is always in great condition. If you are first out of the cable car and get ahead of the others, or wait until the rush had gone, you get plenty of space on the slope. Because it’s only accessed by the cable car it is never too busy. It is steep in parts, but the high level of grooming and good snow takes the sting out of it, making Glacier a playground for red run skiers.

3. The Face, black run, Val D’Isere (Access via the L’Olympique bubble, Funival or Marmottes CL)

Not for the faint of heart. Running from the Roch De Bellevarde at 2827M down to Val D’Isere centre at 1850M the Face is a rollercoaster. Some of the world’s most famous racers have been thrilled by this black run at speed. Its steep and icy in parts, bumpy and icy in others. The best time to ski this snow rodeo is early in the morning when its firm and groomed. But is it’s a challenge you want, wait until its bumpy in the afternoon. I love to race the bubble down on the way to my next lesson.

The Experts

Joe Cain - BASS VT

My favourite slope to ski is “Trolles” (Johan Cleary). It’s a run which takes you into Tignes le lac. It’s the perfect mix of well groomed fast piste with some fun playful bumps lower down.

Best slope to teach on is “Kadjar” which also takes you into Tignes le lac but from the other side. It’s a nice easy varied blue with a few short slightly steeper pitches to give you a little challenge, it can get a little busy mind at the end of the day or just before lunch.

Craig Haliday - BASS VT

My favourite run is actually a combination of two that run from the top of the Solaise Express all the way to central Val d’Isere. The top half of Plan M (red run) and the Rhone-Alpes (black run). Plan M offers every possible variety of skiing you could want. Ski off the left of the piste you’ll find moguls. On the piste is steep and wide groomed terrain where you can get up some real speed to challenge yourself (if that’s your thing). To the skiers right of the piste you’ll find variable off piste conditions that offer endless fun and challenge. The Rhone Alpes can be found half way down Plan M on the right and offers steep piste all the way back to the village. It is often far quieter with better quality snow than the bottom half of Plan M as many are put off by the black grading. It’s an excellent run but be sure before you set off as it earns its status as a difficult slope throughout.

Dave Hudson - BASS VT

OK Orange- Val D'isere, because of the varying degrees of steepness, often great snow and the awesome rollers.

Elliot Stone - BASS VT

Favourite slope - for teaching - Diebold in Val D’Isere. It can be a great challenging achievement for the beginner/intermediate skier or an awesome run for high end skiers to practice on.

Favourite slope - free skiing - not a specific slope, more the terrain accessible from the Solaise Lift in Val D’Isere. There’s a lot on offer, with super wide steep sections/bumps/trees/off piste as well as a free race track towards the bottom.

Sam Cain - BASS All Resorts

Fontaine froide in Val D’Isere, a shortish, fun piste that you can lap on the Fontaine Froide chair lift that doesn’t get too busy.

More favourites in other ski areas

Andrew Lockerbie - BASS 3V

Kaserer (red run) Hintertux, Skier left wide with no off caber gradient, starts steeper (not too steep) then levels out finishing a little steeper. Quick turn around. Hero snow, makes you look and feel great :-)

Hugh Monney - BASS

Teach: Mt Chéry, Les Gets - very fine, uncrowded, pistes for good skiers, with nice off piste routes on hand.

Ski: The Gold Coast - across Skagasfiord from the Troll peninsula in northern Iceland. Great off piste lines and world class Spring snow. Great for ski touring and heliski and an amazing place to be.

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