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BASS ski clinics english ski instruction

Small Groups - Effective Teaching - PosItive Experience


New for 2022! 
BASS 3 HOUR SKI CLINICS giving you: more flexibility and more individual attention. All levels & a max of 3 people per group.

All our ski clinics are designed to be fun and effective. Lots of individual attention with only 2 to 3 people in each lesson. Delivered by motivated and enthusiastic, British instructors.
Starting at 9AM, 9:30AM or 1PM each day @ £140/160€ per clinic.


How to book
1. Choose your level from the descriptions guide below.
2. Decide how many clinics and what days you would like.
3. Send us an enquiry
HERE and we will do the rest for you.

BASS Quality
Confidence building and developing new skill are an integral part of all our courses. We at BASS pride ourselves in making a difference to the learner and enhancing your holiday experience.


LEVEL 1 & 2

Beginners & Confidence 

Level 1. It is very important to to get the right start when learning to ski. It will make all the difference to how far you progress and how confident you feel.

Level 2. A confidence boost for those who are not yet ready to tackle the mountain on their own. We will improve your skiing by strengthening your skills to make things easier.


LEVELs 3 & 4
& more skills 

Level 3. Improving your technique with interesting and effective teaching, you will gain the skills needed to explore more of the mountain. Plenty of encouraging feedback from your instructor.

Level 4. Giving you the necessary tools to succeed on different terrain. Adapting your short and long turns to make them more effective on your selected slopes


LEVEl 5 
Performance clinics 

The cutting edge in ski teaching. You will be trained in the most modern and effective techniques and given an understanding of the tactical decisions that make the performance of the professionals consistent. Steeps, bumps, carving, off piste and performing on the piste make up the course content. This is how we train the instructors. Lots of personal and video feedback from your trainer.


course guide

Prices & options 

3 Hour Per Day, each clinic runs at your level with one of the most qualified and inspirational ski coaches available.

Each day costs £120 and you can book 1 day, consecutive days or whichever days you want.

How many days should I book?

1 Day = Progressing & improving.

2 Days = New skills & more understanding

3 Days = Consolidation & Performance


adult Levels

Find your level 

Level 1. Beginner, this is their first time 

Level 2. Next step, Can ski green runs, are doing snow ploughs, 1 week experience or nervous on blue runs. 

Level 3. Intermediate improver. 2 to 4 weeks experience, rough parallels, confident on Blue runs. 

Level 4. Technique and Tactics course, rough to good parallels confident on red runs, but not on blacks. 

Level 5. Performance clinics, Have skied 6 weeks plus, good parallels and confident on black runs in good conditions 

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