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Professional Training 




Up to 70% Sponsorship towards training fees!

The BASS team are again running our hugely successful training program for aspiring BASI level 3's & 4's. With programs for 1, 6 or 10 weeks containing the elements required for BASI. The training is delivered by BASI Trainers and our "BASS Pro Trainers" who are all very experienced ISTD's



At BASS we believe in developing for the future and have worked very hard to create an affordable pathway beyond BASI level 2. Aspiring British instructors can now train in France with trainers who have the skill and experience to take them to the next level. Basing yourself in France with exceptional training and links to working in nearby resorts!


This winter we've adapted our programme so that you can get the best training possible, no matter what the situation. Whether you want to come out for a full season and work & train, plan for 10 weeks, a block of 6 weeks or even just book 1 week at a time! We've developed our course over the past 15 years to provide you with all the tools you need for your BASI Level 3 and Level 4 exams. At BASS we're committed to helping instructors, we fully believe that you reap what you sow and that's why we've developed our sponsorship programme. 

How does the sponsorship work?

It's really quite simple, we offer various levels of sponsorship. Someone training towards their Level 3 qualification could receive up to 60% off the course cost, while someone training towards their Level 4 could receive up to 70% off. It's a huge amount of money for BASS to invest in you as an instructor, but we believe you're worth it! We don't ask anything of you, we just hope that one day you consider becoming part of the BASS family. However, many have gone on, with our help, to achieve ski teaching positions in Switzerland, Japan, NZ and other parts of the world.

How do I get sponsored?

Just get in touch with us, we'll chat you through the BASS programmes and work out how we can help you to achieve your goals. BASS want to support and nurture talent - so get in touch for your chance to be sponsored to train!

What's Included

Full Season: This option allows you to base yourself in either Meribel or Val d'Isere. Living and skiing in the world's biggest ski resorts with access to the best coaches. BASS will also help you to arrange work during peak weeks with one of our partner ski schools. We'll help set you up with work in a number of resorts with your L2 or L3 certificate. For those that want to stay in resort, there's options there too, we can help set you up with a job in hospitality or retail or maybe you just want to get some hours shadowing. Our program delivers a total of 150 hours training plus your choice of paid work. 

10 Week Course: This option will start in January 2021 and you have your ten weeks spread out over the season. You'll have peak weeks (school holidays) off to either travel home or do your own thing! Total 150 hours training.

6 Week Course: Joining into our main program you will be able to start in January or come out later in the season. You could even choose a split and spread the weeks out over the winter. You'll have peak weeks (school holidays) off to either travel home or do your own thing! Total 90 hours training.

1 Week Option: This is our most flexible option allowing you to book on 1 week at a time between January and April (excluding peak weeks).

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Meet some of our trainees




Resort: Meribel

Achieved: BASI L1, L2, L3 

Now: Training for L4 on our B.E.S.T. Programme.

Receiving: 60% Sponsorship




Resort: Val d'Isere

Achieved: BASI L1, L2, L3 & L4 ISTD with B.E.S.T. Programme

Now: Working with BASS

Received: 70% Sponsorship




Resort: Meribel

Achieved: BASI L1 & L2

Now: Training for L3 on our B.E.S.T. Programme

Receiving: 50% Sponsorship




Resort: Val d'Isere

Achieved: BASI L1 & L2 on our B.E.S.T. Programme 

Now: Training for L3 with us

Receiving: 60% Sponsorship

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