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Pro-Training Centre
Pre-course Information 
Welcome to BASS Pro-Training

A 360 learning experience for all learning preferences



In addition to the detailed information you received with your reservation, please read the following carefully.

You will be greeted on arrival in resort by our BASS Resort Co-ordinator at a welcome meeting. Should you need any information or assistance about the BASS course you can contact these people.


Resort Manager : Craig Conkie +33 (0) 611691534

Course Manager: Steve Ricketts +47 47387164

Group WhatsApp (As assigned at the course start)

BASS Office Tel: 0033(0)619778557 Email


The resort co-ordinator is available between 8am and 8pm. Between 8pm and 8am please revert to your SnowSkool representative.

The office hours are 8.30am to 7.30pm and can help with your requests, put you in touch with the right person or lend assistance if needed.


You will also be assigned a BASS Pro-Trainer to look after your wellbeing during the course. Your mentor will inform you about the weekly program, help you set goals and will compile your personal performance plan. They can advise you on all aspects of the course, the levels you are achieving and what are realistic goals. At the end of each week you will have someone to one time with your BASS Mentor to evaluate what you have achieved and how best to progress.

Steve Ricketts is the manager for all BASS courses, if for any reason you do not feel you can contact the resort team about your issue or need to make a complaint, you are welcome to contact Steve.


Tel 004747387164 Email


British Alpine Pro-Training




To get the most out of your course, study all the courses on this learning platform. The content has been designed for a wide range of learning preferences with Visual & Audio to augment Text, and interaction to help retain what you have learned. Other resources will be made available like Trainer Presentations, BASI Study Platform & your BASI Manual.



As on all BASS courses there is a full programme of training. It is your responsibility to adequately prepare yourself mentally and physically for this programme. The BASS Trainer delivering the course has a great deal of experience therefore use him / her as a valuable resource throughout the course


Off piste days in Val d'Isere are always fun
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Structured PracticeBASS
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Shadowing HoursBASS
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What Happens If?BASS
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BASS level 1 & 2 course - 10 weeks.


Each day of a 5 day week will consist of:

3 hours of on snow training or video feedback

3 hours each morning of structured practice SPS on points highlighted by your trainer.

One hour of home study or the BASI manual or BASS project. Your trainer will answer any questions from home study sessions during the following day.


Level 1

2 weeks with BASS introducing all elements required for the BASI 1 course. 1 week BASI level 1 course.
(1 additional week to complete 35 hours of shadowing and BASS project)

Level 2

All content in line with the BASI level 2 criteria, content and Levels,
7 weeks of course training including the level 2 BASI weeks and shadowing week.

Minimum of 15 hours per week trainer contact plus video analysis and weekly review.
70 hours of shadowing and Ski school experience
3 hours trainer contact each day x 5.
3 hours structured practice on relevant days.
Video feedback and theory.

What you will learn on your BASS experience 

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