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Skiing Safe In 2021

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Coping with covid, what is your next ski holiday going to be like with PPE and social distancing on the slopes? What steps are being taken for your safety and to give you confidence to book ski lessons? We take a look at how preparations are going, to get ready to welcome skiers back to the slopes in the pandemic age.

There seems to be an event once in every generation that leaves its mark on society. The Kennedy assassination, Princess Diana, 9/11 and now Covid 19. The travel industry, like many other industries has been rocked to its foundations by the worldwide pandemic. There is no denying that we were all taken by surprise, unprepared, and in shock. So what are we doing to ensure we don’t get caught with our salopettes down again?

Book in confidence with our 100% covid refund guarantee

Firstly, our team have made a great commitment to ensure if it happens again, our clients will receive a 100% refund.

Covid-19 Amendment to BASS Terms and Conditions for winter 2021
Bass will refund 100% of your payment* if you cancel your lessons due to the following circumstances: You are unable to leave your country or enter France due to Covid-19 government travel restrictions. You have contracted Covid-19 and are unable to travel (medical cert required). Resort closure due to Covid-19.
For discounted or forwarded lessons 100% of new payments or the final sum of the reservation after discount is applied. For cancellations not related to Covid-19 our normal terms and conditions apply.
*For refunds made to clients who paid by card, the refund will be less the card processing fees.

What is going to be the new normal on the ski slopes?

We are planning for the ski season to go ahead as normal as can be expected for 2021. We are constantly looking at ways to keep our clients safe and happy, as we always do.

Your safety: is our constant concern. Even without covid, we regularly assess any risk to anyone taking lessons with BASS. We plan to go beyond any specifications to ensure we are doing our utmost to look after everyone. We have spoken to our colleagues already teaching in places like Argentina, New Zealand, and on glaciers in the alps. We are learning from their experience, and looking to pass on their recommendations in our regular team training sessions. One thing is for sure, your ski instructor will be the best person to keep you safe on and around the slopes.

Masks: are compulsory on public transport at the moment, and ski lifts are public transport. But, does this really make any difference to a skier who is already wearing a helmet, goggles and a buff over their nose and mouth.
Lift queues: It has taken a pandemic to get the French to do what Brits have been asking them to do for years, queue in an orderly fashion. Skiing has already been taking place on the glaciers this summer, and social distancing in lines, less people on chairs, and limited numbers in trains and gondolas are already successfully in operation. We don’t anticipate longer waiting times because of distancing, as we do expect a lower volume of skiers this winter. BASS operate in resorts that have excellent lift systems, with small lift queues anyway, and those of you in ski lessons will still be able to use the priority lanes.

The resorts: will be pretty much what you are accustomed to by the time you arrive. Social distancing, hand sanitisers, extra cleansing, and crowd avoidance being practiced in public areas, shops, restaurants, bars, and lift stations.
One of the best things about the sport of skiing is that it is conducive with precautions against covid. We are all trying to stay a reasonable distance from each other on the slope, most of us are wearing masks, and we are definitely out in the open. So we are looking forward to seeing all our ski buddies back on the slopes this winter. With any luck we will be listening to more snow reports and less covid ones.

A few more things you may find it useful to know if you are thinking about booking your ski holiday and BASS lessons

Q: Are BASS taking bookings now?
A: Yes, we are, all with the covid refund guarantee for peace of mind. Just send us an enquiry to to reserve your favourite BASS instructor, or bag the best times available.
Q: Are there insurance companies offering covid cover?
A: Yes there are, but is best to shop around. The insurance companies have not covered themselves in glory where covid is concerned. We have made a list of the ones we have heard positive things about below. Check their policies first to see what they can offer.
Q: Where can I find travel and covid information about my trip?
A: Your first port of call should be the UK’s .gov site for up to date information about travel and the country you are visiting. UK Health Authorities Covid Advice.
You can also find information on your resort’s official website. Here are the links to our locations. 3 Valleys - Val D’Isere - Tignes
Or you are welcome to ask us at BASS anytime.

This article was written in good faith to help ski enthusiasts plan their ski trip in 2021. Much of the information has ben put together in collaboration with our good friends in the snowsports and travel industry. To the best of our knowledge the information is correct at the time of publishing, but it is possible that details may change after that date.
Author: Steve Ricketts - BASS MD
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