Top 10 Tips to improve your skiing

Updated: Mar 24

By Steve Ricketts - BASS MD

We put the BASS team on the spot to come up with a nugget of ski teaching gold.

We all expect our ski coaches to wave a magic wand and suddenly we will be skiing better. But, what if they could? Every ski coach has some little gem they like to use as often as possible. The good tips have substance behind them, communicated in a simple way to get you to engage in the moment, rather than overthinking the learning. In this article we take a look at three ways ski instructors use ‘tips’ alongside some of our experts’ favourite tips.

Lucky Tip

Improving ski performance has nothing to do with luck. When preparation meets opportunity it may appear fortunate, but is the result of an experienced coach identifying a specific change needed to improve performance and finding a way for the student to achieve it.


1. Elliot Stone – BASS Instructor Val D’Isere & Tignes

Favourite tip - enjoy yourself as much as possible and skiing will be easier. Or a Vin Chaud at lunch time.

2. Hugh Monney – BASS Founder Les Gets

Be here, now!

Living fully in the present moment can be elusive. Skiing both requires that from us and offers multiple opportunities to find it.

We start with this in our activation process each morning on Performance Breakthrough clinics.

3. Steve Ricketts - BASS MD All Resorts

Look where you are going, not where you are! This is one of those with lots of substance that is simplified into an action. The trick is to give the tip when it is going to be effective and to someone who needs it.

4. Dave Hudson - BASS Instructor Val D’Isere & Tignes

Instant tip for improvement would be to visualise yourself nailing each turn on the run before you set off.

Different Horses For Different Courses

I’m always being asked by my students, ‘What am I doing wrong?’ when I’m focusing on what they can be doing better. What they need to do and how they should do it, is usually a personalised and bespoke process. Different horses for different courses, rather than one size fits all.

5. Craig Haliday - BASS Director Val D’Isere

My favourite tip to make an instant impact on your skiing couldn’t be more simple, BE GREEDY!!! This doesn’t mean helping yourself to an extra croissant in the morning but refers to using a bit more of the available slope. Many skiers rush their turns for fear of going too fast and end up making short sharp arcs that cause a lot of judder through the ski’s and legs. Try to use a bit more space and create a c shaped arc using the hill to help you slow down. There isn’t a large cliff at the very edge of the blue run waiting to catch you out so go a little closer to the side of the slope and take your time over the turn. Your legs will thank you for it later.