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Snowsports experience project

This online version of the BASS Snowsports Experience Project which can be completed in one go or in stages. You can use the workbook webpage as a reference on your phones and make notes on the hill, but we recommend a printed copy of the workbook we have provided as best practice. If you only fill in part of the questions below, remember where you are up to and submit the form. You will need to fill in your details each time you return to complete the next section as it will not save your last entry.
Please note: This is a spelling safe zone where mistakes will be overlooked, we correct your skiing/ridding, not your gramma.
This is a learning project not a test, so it matters not where or how you gather the information, just that you know it. You must complete the project before acceptance onto the BASI L2 Course. Your BASS Pro-Trainer is there to help guide you and answer any questions.

British Alpine Pro-Training Snowsports Experience Project - 70 hrs BASI

Please complete the following project and submit to your BASS Mentor at least 7 days before your level 2 BASI course.

Meeting & Greeting.

1. Suggest 3 important points when greeting the client?

2. What information will you need to obtain before commencing the session?

3. What secondary information could be helpful to the planning of your session?

Meeting points and departure points.

4. Suggest 3 reasons for having a specific meeting point?

5. What information do clients need about the meeting point ?

Accident & Emergency - 1

Outline below how you would deal with an incident involving one of your students

Accident & Emergency - 2

1. Why must you contact the ski school office?

2. Why is it important to fill out an accident report form?

3. Name 5 points of information it is important to obtain for an accident report form?

Risk assessment

4. What will be the main hazards?

5. What consideration need to be taken when route planning?

Lesson Observation

Beginners area.

1. How have the instructors positioned their groups?

2. What 3 development exercises did you think most effective?

3. How many students did you count in the largest group?

Early intermediates

4. On what type of runs were their sessions held?

5. What was the greatest distance between an instructor and their students during the session?

Competent intermediates

6. Where all the students of a similar ability and how would you describe their level?

7. Which of the fundamental elements could you see being developed?

Observing a Junior Group Lesson

Children & Lifts

1, What modification has been made to the chairlift queuing system for children?

2. Describe the procedure for taking 6 small children onto a chair lift.

3. What specialised equipment did you observe for children on the slopes or in use?

Group Management

4. Name 3 ways your instructor kept control of the group.

5. How were fun activities kept safe?

Competent intermediates

6. What was at the heart of the most effective session you observed?

7. What were your 3 favourite development activities of the week?

8. Which of the fundamental elements could you see being developed?

Route Planning Project

The weather is fine and your group of 4 intermediate skiers/ Boarders would like to make the most of this by taking their session up in an area of the ski resort.

Plan a route and ski/ride it, noting good terrain for development exercises and how long you expect them to take. You will meet them at the school meeting point at 11am and must drop them off at the same point at 1pm. Describe  below your rout and the activities you have planed. Include the time at 5 points and the time taken on each lift.

Thanks for submitting!

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